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skn tech labortory


Our Brand

Supported by doctors and chemists our formulations have the finest cosmeceutical grade ingredients and organic when possible. We consider ourselves forward thinking and we keep abreast of the leading market trends. Our manufacturing partners are involved in an aggressive R&D program to provide our customers with leading edge products.

Our Story

We started over 20 years ago launching the first Dr’s Brand into the Australian market. At that time cosmeceuticals were a new approach, but we believe that represented the path to the future. From the beginning our mission was to set a new level in skincare by introducing results-driven, original formulations that supports your skins needs and help to re-activate the skin’s functions.

Our Ethics

SKNtech is securely anchored on a science background and empowered to cut through the hype of claims to deliver the latest technology in skincare for a healthy radiant skin.

Who is behind the Brand

Amelia Maranon - Founder SKN Radiance by SKNtech.
Having worked in the Beauty industry for over 20 years with high profile cosmeceutical brands and international skincare gurus training in new technologies for a healthier radiant skin.

After many years of research about new ingredients and technologies in an industry that is constantly changing have made her own conclusions as what works best on ones skin and created SKN Radiance to empower anyone that uses the range to have the skin as best it can be ! her approach to skincare is, simple regimens, using highly effective concentrations of cosmeceutical ingredients such as glycolic acid-retinol-vitamin c and ingredients that are more than a cosmetic solution, blended with natural ingredients for a non-aggressive approach to deliver unsurpassed results

Clinically tested and scientifically proven, SKN Radiance is an ultra-premium cosmeceutical grade skincare where results are our priority.

  • paraben free
  • no tested on animals
  • made in usa
  • clinically tested