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SKN Radiance

SKN Rescue Serum 30ml


Rescue Serum

The Good Oil 

Rescue is a lipid based serum to help seal in moisture, acting like the skins barrier protection & lipid replacement.


Rescues the skin from dryness & dehydration - helping with the skins barrier protection. 


Apply an even layer acting as a serum or moisturiser, add to your regular daily routine to seal moisture into the skin.

Skin Type

Dry/ sensitive / reactive / dehydrated / post peel / mature 

Key Ingredient

  • Glycoceramides plant-derived lipids that help protect skin from moisture loss. 
  • Vitamin E It's also an anti-inflammatory, so it calms and hydrates sensitive skin.” vitamin E oil will help to repair and improve the appearance of the damaged tissue,” 
  • Avocado Oil it's an excellent source of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins. But have you ever considered using this delicious fruit to soothe and heal your skin? The absorbent oil is thought to have numerous benefits for your skin, like moisturizing dry hands 


SKN Rescue Serum 30ml

SKN Rescue Serum 30ml